Paris has a commitment to Open Source

A pioneer in this field since 2002, the City of Paris has been implementing a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) policy, centered on the Lutece platform, developed specifically for municipal administrations. This gives them access to dozens of free and opensource applications, which they can make available to their staff and citizens.

The City of Paris is an active member of the OW2 community, which aims to promote the development of open source middleware, generic business applications, cloud computing platforms and foster a dynamic community ecosystem.

City service platform Lutece awarded twice by the OW2 community : Mature Project in 2016 and Best Community in 2020

For local authorities, such a policy represents, first and foremost, a significant economic gain. The reuse of Open Source software enables them to benefit from digital services already developed by other public sector bodies, which can be adapted to their needs at a lower cost.
As explained in the campaign promoted by the Free Software Foundation Europe "Public Money Public Code", it is also legitimate for publicly funded software to be published under an OSI-approved license.

Meilleure Stratégie Open Source
The City of Paris was awarded in 2018 for Best Open Source Strategy

"If it is public money, the code should be public as well" and the platform will remain so after its creation.

First Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire at Open Source City Forum 2019
First Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire at Open Source City Forum, Paris, 2019

Thanks to Free Software, cities can choose their degree of sovereignty for their digital services, control their data and control their development and maintenance costs. The roadmap of their application belongs to them and they can then choose to implement functionalities in complete freedom.

Free Software also answers the question of transparency. At the City of Paris, the code of the digital services platform is also public, because it is for the common good. The citizen can thus verify neutrality and compliance with the rules in force. He can thus propose improvements and contribute to the enrichment of the services offered.

La Ville de Paris s'est vue attribuée Territoire Numérique Libre niveau 4 en 2018
The City of Paris was awarded Free Digital Territory level 4 in 2018

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The Service Platform of the City of Paris


The powerful city services engine developed in-house for the last two decades. It provides 200+ city services brought by a modular platform.

The City's contributions to OpenSource

Espace Numérique de Travail

The digital workspace (ENT) is a digital portal that offers online services to the entire educational community attached to a school, junior high school or high school.


An open source tool to manage your botanical collections.


Receive support to develop responsible purchasing and digital practices.